Most of us have moles somewhere on our skin. The vast majority of these are perfectly harmless, and there is no need to have them removed. But others are more suspicious and can even be cancerous.

That’s not the only reason to have them removed, however. Some people decide to have moles removed because of practical or cosmetic reasons too. You can find out more about that below.

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Caring for your skin is something that you might not have paid too much attention to in life thus far. We can take the health of our skin for granted until something goes wrong and we find some kind of problem.

There are some precautionary steps you can take to monitor the health of your skin and pick up on any problems before they get more serious. One of these steps is called mole mapping.

mole proced 1.jpg specialises in mole mapping and mole removal. These two procedures form the backbone of the treatments we offer and are the main reasons our patients come to see us.

You can read more about both mole mapping and mole removal below so you can find out about each procedure before you attend an appointment at one of our clinics.