is part of the My Skin Clinic Group, a collection of GPs and specialist treatment centres. Our goal is to provide the best service for our patients, from diagnosis to treatment and prevention. Our mole removal and mapping services are intended to help you keep your skin healthy. Our specialism in moles allows us to concentrate on a specific aspect of the health of your skin, the largest organ in your body. Our dedicated team of doctors and other medical staff has much experience in treating skin problems, managing moles and keeping patients healthy.

Our two primary services here at are mole mapping and mole removal. Mole removal is a service we offer for both medical and cosmetic reasons. We remove moles for a number of reasons, including that patients find them unsightly or impractical, or that they pose a health risk to the patient. Whatever the reason for removing a mole, we always make sure the mole is as pain-free as it can be. We also recognise the importance of aesthetics for many people and try our best to minimise any scarring that might occur. Our care doesn't end with the removal, and we always ensure we provide any necessary aftercare too.

Our other main service is mole mapping. This service helps patients to map out the location, type, and condition of their moles. The procedure is useful for anyone who might have a lot of moles and could struggle to keep track of them. By mapping them, we can pick up on any changes sooner. Our consultants use state of the art Mole Max technology to get a close look at your moles and photograph each one individually. Both you and your doctor can obtain a copy of the findings so that any problems can be addressed and future issues might be identified early.

Our clinics serve patients in and around Dublin. All members of our team share a passion to provide exceptional service and show patients that we care as much about their skin and health as they do. Skin cancer is often one of the primary concerns for our patients, and we are here to reassure them when they need us to. We always make sure to handle cases with sensitivity and care, whether someone wants to have their moles mapped for convenience or remove an impractical mole. We aim to send patients home happy with the treatment they have received and feeling more confident about their health.

Using the latest in medical technology is a priority for us at We ensure that we stay up to date with the best available technology for mole mapping and digital skin analysis and skin screening. Our modern facilities help us provide accurate, fast treatment and referrals. We also do our best to make our clinics comfortable for our patients to help put their minds at ease and send them home happy. Along with the other clinics in our network, we aim to be the best that Ireland has to offer.